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AEMtec GmbH

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Next level of advanced optoelectronics for comprehensive development and production services. Take advantage of our unique portfolio of technologies used for innovative products.

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Aixtooling GmbH

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Your partner for precision glass molding. The core competences of Aixtooling GmbH are mold design, process layout, and the fabrication of ultra-precision molding systems.

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Arnold & Richter Cine Technik GmbH & Co. Betriebs KG

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ARRI, the world's leading manufacturer of motion picture camera, lighting and imaging equipment, has won 18 Academy Awards for its scientific and technical achievements since 1917.

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Bernhard Halle Nachfl. GmbH

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Since 1873, our workshop provides polarization optics and lens systems meeting the highest demands. Choose from our catalogue or ask for custom optics for highest flexibility.

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Carl Zeiss Jena GmbH

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Our product spectrum includes optical components as freeform and micro optics as well as mechanical parts and complete optical systems.

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Class 5 Photonics GmbH

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Class 5 Photonics provides femtosecond lasers from ultraviolet to mid-infrared wavelength with average power up to 100 W based on optical parametric chirped-pulse amplification.

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CryLaS GmbH

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CryLaS GmbH offers passively Q-switched pulsed microchip lasers from 213 to 1064 nm, and cw lasers at 266 nm for OEM integration and demanding scientific applications.

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Crystal GmbH

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CRYSTAL GmbH is an innovative company dedicated to advanced products and technologies with crystals and their applications.

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Dausinger + Giesen GmbH

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Dausinger + Giesen GmbH is a privately owned company which develops, designs and produces leading edge thin disk lasers for science and industry.

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EPIGAP Optronic GmbH

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EPIGAP Optronic GmbH offers design, development and production for LED Chips, LEDs customized modules and photodiodes in a range from 150nm in the UV up to 2600nm in the NIR.

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Booth number: 4629-02

Mobile and dynamic 3D laser-/video based augmented reality projector systems for guided assembly/inspection and data visualization.

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FemtoFiberTec GmbH

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As the first commercial supplier for femtosecond(fs)-laser-written Fiber Bragg Gratings worldwide, FemtoFiberTec provides FBGs, that open up completely new sensing possibilities.

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Fraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz-Institute HHI

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From optical sensing to information technology – this is the range of solutions developed at the HHI.

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Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering IOF

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Fraunhofer IOF develops innovative optical systems to control light. The service range covers the entire photonic process chain from system design to manufacturing of prototypes.

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Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT

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Fraunhofer ILT is one of the most important contracting R & D institutes of its sector worldwide. Its experts develop and optimize laser beam sources and laser processes.

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Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT

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The Fraunhofer IPT develops systems solutions for production. In the Optics business unit, we focus on the production and evaluation of complex optical components and systems.

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Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research ISC

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Fraunhofer ISC’s Optics & Electronics Unit provides contractual R&D for industrial partners with major focus on development of customized hybrid polymers for optical applications.

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Fraunhofer-Institut für Siliziumtechnologie (ISIT)

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Fraunhofer ISIT provides and develops MEMS technology for autonomous driving, adaptive headlights, VR-/AR-displays, HUD, LIDAR, smart lighting and laser material processing.

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ORAFOL Fresnel Optics GmbH

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ORAFOL Fresnel Optics GmbH develops and manufactures plastic microstructured optical components for the lighting, solar power, instrumentation and display industries worldwide.

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GD Optical Competence GmbH

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GD Optics develops and produces state-of-the-art precision molded glass optics for highest requirements.

Germany Trade & Invest

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Germany Trade & Invest is the foreign trade and investment agency of the Federal Republic of Germany.

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Gitterwerk GmbH

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Diffraction gratings of the highest quality - efficiency, wavefront accuracy and damage threshold optimized for high power and ultrashort pulse laser.

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J. Hauser GmbH & Co. KG

Booth number: 4629-55

Hauser Optik – Precision in glass. Since 1921, the name of Hauser has been a guarantee for high quality and precision in the optical industry.

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IMM Photonics GmbH

Booth number: 4629-14

IMM Photonics has established itself as a manufacturer, distributor and service provider in the fields of laser technology, optoelectronics, fiber optics & bio photonics.

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inno-spec GmbH

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inno-spec is a manufacturer of optical measurement solutions, with a portfolio of hyperspectral imaging systems for industrial process control & analytical laboratory applications.

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JCMwave GmbH

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JCMwave offers FEM software for precise optics simulations. Applications include solar cells, nano-metrology, nanostructured fibers, plasmonics, OLED & VCSEL design, and others.

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J&M Analytik AG

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J&M is a pioneer in fiber-optic systems for UV/VIS, NIR and Raman spectroscopy. We offer diode array spectrometer systems and OEM components - for lab and process analytics.

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Leica Microsystems CMS GmbH

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Leica Microsystems is a leading global designer and producer of innovative, high-tech, precision optical systems for the analysis of microstructures.

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LEJ - Leistungselektronik JENA GmbH

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LEJ is your development partner for LED- as well as lamp-based illumination solutions and power electronics in the fields of microscopy, analytics and industry. More than Light!

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LightTrans International UG (haftungsbeschr.)

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The products of LightTrans include the physical optics design software VirtualLab Fusion, optical engineering services, prototyping of optical components and training.

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Lumics GmbH

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Lumics is a key player for design and manufacturing of fiber coupled high power diode lasers from 750nm to 1940nm offering a wide choice of power levels, packages and accessories.

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Micro-Hybrid Electronic GmbH

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Micro-Hybrid Electronic GmbH is a high-technology company for electronic micro systems, infrared components and sensor solutions.

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micro resist technology GmbH

Booth number: 4629-49

micro resist technology GmbH develops, manufactures and sells innovative photoresists and optical polymers for a variety of micro- and nanolithography applications.

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Moulded Optics GmbH

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Moulded Optics manufactures blank moulded optical components in very different shapes like lenses, prisms and more from 3mm up to more than 100mm diameter for customers worldwide.

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Multiphoton Optics GmbH

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Multiphoton Optics offers a 3D Printer Platform and Software for high precision 3D printing of a large variety of materials using additive and subtractive processes.

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OEG Gesellschaft für Optik, Elektronik & Gerätetechnik mbH

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Measurement of optical parameters like MTF, Distortion, Astigmatism, Chromatic aberrations, EFL, BFL, FFL, Radius, f-number, Air gaps and Lens thickness in assembled optics.

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Manufacturing of optical components like spherical lenses, prisms, mirrors, windows and filters.

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Opto GmbH

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Opto is a developer and manufacturer of unique optical imaging solutions and compact micro-imaging modules for industrial and biomedical applications, with experience over 35 years

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Optoflux GmbH

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Optoflux is the specialist in the design and production of optical devices and precision optics manufactured from plastic and silicone.

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O.R. Lasertechnologie GmbH

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OR LASER – Your partner for industrial laser applications regarding welding, cladding, marking, engraving and additive manufacturing tasks.

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PHOTON ENERGY develops and manufactures pulsed and ultra short pulsed lasers for industrial and medical applications and complete workstations.

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PT Photonic Tools GmbH

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Photonic Tools provides system components for the ultrafast and high power laser applications, end users, system integrators and laser manufacturers.

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Photonik Inkubator GmbH

Booth number: 4629-07

The Photonik Incubator in Göttingen is focused on innovative ideas in the field of optics. Ideas from various branches can proceed from laboratory to industrial application.

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PicoLAS GmbH

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PicoLAS develops and manufactures high-quality, OEM and turnkey-ready drivers for laser diodes. PicoLAS drivers are compact, reliable, base plate cooled and efficient.

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Pleiger Laseroptik GmbH & Co. KG

Booth number: 4629-43

Pleiger is an innovative, family-owned, German high-tech company with a long tradition at its location in Witten. Our optics are used in almost all laser applications.

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Booth number: 4629-18

PRIMES GmbH produces measuring devices for the characterization of laser beam parameters such as power, beam profile, focused and raw beam propagation as well as beam quality.

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PROTECT-Laserschutz GmbH

Booth number: 4629-32

PROTECT-Laserschutz GmbH provides a large variety of laser safety products for all kinds of laser applications, e.g. industrial, medical, as well as for R&D.

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RGB Photonics GmbH

Booth number: 4629-53

RGB Photonics designs and manufactures highly integrated laser and spectroscopy systems for scientific and industrial applications. We specialize in very compact designs.

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S & R Optic GmbH

Booth number: 4629-48

S & R Optic is an independent, privately held company in the crystal optics industry. We provide standard- and customized crystal products and units for VUV-NIR spectrum.

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Schmidt & Bender GmbH & Co. KG

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Schmidt & Bender is a synonym for quality and precision, for tradition and innovation since 1957 as the family business engaged in the development of riflescopes.

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Booth number: 4629-17

In Biebertal near Frankfurt around 70 experts manufacture camera lenses, demanding microscope objectives as well as optical, mechanical and electronic components and systems.

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son-x GmbH

Booth number: 4629-44

son-x offers ultra precision manufacturing service in steel and other materials as well as ultrasonic tooling equipment.

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TEM Messtechnik GmbH

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TEM Messtechnik GmbH offers products and customer specific developments in the field of laser control engineering and opto-electronic measurement techniques.

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temicon GmbH

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temicon is a leading manufacturer of micro/nano structured foils, components and functional surfaces serving as key components for e.g. LED-Lighting, Display, PV, Life Science etc.

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TH Mittelhessen

Booth number: 4629-60

The center "Optical Technologies and Systems" supports companies in the development of practical solutions in the areas: optical measurement technology, fiber and laser technology.

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TransMIT GmbH

Booth number: 4629-60

TransMIT offers information about research & developments within the universities of Central Hesse. In our center, main foci are on laser treatment and FO systems & applications.

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Vertilas GmbH

Booth number: 4629-31

VERTILAS GmbH provides laser diodes for NIR (Near Infrared) Gas Sensing and communications. They are available from 1270 nm to 2360 nm with a wide range of packaging options.

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Booth number: 4629-19

VM-TIM GmbH develops and produces optical components and precision mechanics. We have polishing and coating equipment as well as clean room and chemical laboratory.

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VPIphotonics GmbH

Booth number: 4629-10

Professional simulation software supporting requirements of integrated photonics, optoelectronics and fiber optics applications, transmission system and network applications.

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WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA

Booth number: 4629-58

It’s the knowledge age – and it’s Wiley’s customers who lead the world’s knowledge economy.

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AEMtec GmbH
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