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About us

Multiphoton Optics offers a 3D Printing Platform (LithoProf3D) and Software (LithoSoft3D) for high-precision 3D printing of arbitrarily shaped structures of a large variety of materials. The equipment allows additive and subtractive processes. Our technology supports scalable processes for different applications and products. The high-precision fabrication of 3D optical interconnects to integrate optical links on-chip, on-board, or in photonic integrated circuits to create sophisticated optical packages is compatible to standard processes in electronic manufacturing and saves app. 80 % of process steps. This enables to significantly reduce energy consumption in production and to save other resources in production and in end-use, for example in high performance computers. We also provide Prototyping & Engineering Services for aspheric or free-form microoptics, and biomedical products, such as scaffolds for tissue engineering, microfluidic cells, or drug delivery structures.

Products and services

The high-precision LithoProf3D printer platform is suited to create arbitrary 3D structures and to enable scalability for products in different markets. It features an infinite field of view mode, providing high accuracy over a sample area without stitching. Structures are created in an additive and in a subtractive fabrication mode. The LithoProf3D platform features automated processes, adjustable footprint, and high-precision positioning capabilities. The patented LithoDILL3D technology as well as LithoBath3D is optionally available, both modes allowing to create larger structures with high resolution. The modular platform allows easy implementation of new product features to satisfy the requirements of our industrial customers. The flexible software package LithoSoft3D® can be used as stand-alone product creating machine code (GCode) containing all important information of the structuring job – 3D printing from the 100 nm to the cm scale with highest precision.



3D printer platform for the additive and subtractive fabrication of high-precision 3D structures to enable scalability for products in different markets, featuring automated processes, adjustable footprint, and high-precision positioning capabilities including an infinite field of view mode (no stitching). The patented LithoDILL3D technology as well as LithoBath3D is optionally available, both modes allowing to create larger structures with high resolution.



The software package LithoSoft3D® is designed for the high-precision 3D printer, and it can be also used as stand-alone software for GCode compatible manufacturing machines. The created GCode can either use Aerotech-based or ISO GCode commands. It contains powerful modules to create and arrange different structures, adaptable exposure and selectable writing strategies. Arbitrary STL files can be imported. Upon import of an STL file, the file is analyzed and repaired if open contours exist.

News & Innovations

Chip-to-chip coupling 

A way of decreasing energy consumption in data transfer systems is to substitute part of the electrical connections by optical interconnects (OI) fabricated using the high-precision 3D printer LithoProf3D. Many different technologies were explored for their manufacturing, and most of them will be...| » Further reading 

High-precision 3D printing of microlenses 

LithoProf3D enables the fabrication of refractive and diffractive microoptical elements with arbitrary shapes arbitrarily arranged on a large variety of substrates. This unlimited freedom of design is a unique feature compared to just 2D techniques, and it thus provides the solution for novel dev...| » Further reading 

Material research using LithoProf3D 

The introduction of novel materials into a manufacturing environment often requires special attention. Although many materials are known to be patternable in 2D by conventional methods like UV lithography or replication technologies, their capability of being processed in 3D with highest precisio...| » Further reading 


Multiphoton Optics GmbH
Friedrich-Bergius-Ring 15
97076 Würzburg

Phone: +49 931 2999-5890

Dr. Ruth Houbertz
CEO & Managing Director
Phone: +49 170 7989186

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