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News and innovations published by German exhibitors

High-Speed Real-time Digital Signal Processing Platform

Highly flexible FPGA-based development and demonstration platform for signal processing algorithms and real-time data transmission. The platform includes 65GSa/s DACs, 56GSa/s ADCs, 100GbE-class optical interfaces and Virtex Ultrascale/Ultrascale+ FPGA processing capabilities in a robust,...

Exhibitor: Fraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz-Institute HHI

Real-Time High-Resolution NIR 3D Scanner

Fraunhofer IOF presents a 3D scanner based on near-infrared (NIR) pattern projection. It is used to three-dimensionally measure people’s poses, gestures, or facial expressions with high accuracy and high resolution. Its core is a specially developed projector allowing a sequence of...

Exhibitor: Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering IOF

A startup to increase the efficiency of ultrashort pulse lasers

Gitterwerk developed a brand new fabrication technology for high-efficiency diffraction gratings Gitterwerk GmbH, a young company from Jena, Germany, seeks to increase the efficiency of ultrashort pulse (USP) lasers. Based on its unique manufacturing technology, highly efficient diffraction...

Exhibitor: Gitterwerk GmbH

Green laser diode modules with low voltage supply

Better visual perception of green light (520 nm – 530 nm) compared to red, and the simultaneous availability of green laser diodes lead to an increased demand for green lasers. IMM Photonics is expanding its existing range of laser diode modules by adding a series of green laser diode modules...

Exhibitor: IMM Photonics GmbH

Fast and accurate simulation tool for nanooptics simulations

The newest release of the FEM solver JCMsuite will be presented at the booth of JCMwave on the German Pavilion (North hall, booth 4629-09).

Exhibitor: JCMwave GmbH

New LED-based compact light source

Leistungselektronik JENA GmbH extends its range of intense, broad-spectrum LED illumination devices by adding this six (6) channel LED light source. The LQ-LED 180 can be fitted directly to the microscope or via a liquid light guide. The system covers a spectral range from the UV (DAPI...

Exhibitor: LEJ - Leistungselektronik JENA GmbH

New 8-channel LED light source for OEM applications

This light source provides professional and quality LED light via 8 LEDs. Customers can choose from a variety of different LEDs in order to customize the light exactly according to the application requirements. Each LED is coupled into one single fiber. The fiber bundle than can be configured...

Exhibitor: LEJ - Leistungselektronik JENA GmbH

NEW SERIES of universal electronic ballasts for Mercury-, Mixed-Gas- and Xenon-Short Arc Lamps up to 2100 W

The new series of universal digitized and μC controlled ballasts replaces all electronic ballasts of LEJ 200 W for mixed gas, mercury and xenon short arc lamps. Several lamp types are stored in the ballast and can be programmed by selecting the operating mode, output and current at the device...

Exhibitor: LEJ - Leistungselektronik JENA GmbH

Chip-to-chip coupling

A way of decreasing energy consumption in data transfer systems is to substitute part of the electrical connections by optical interconnects (OI) fabricated using the high-precision 3D printer LithoProf3D. Many different technologies were explored for their manufacturing, and most of them will be...

Exhibitor: Multiphoton Optics GmbH

High-precision 3D printing of microlenses

LithoProf3D enables the fabrication of refractive and diffractive microoptical elements with arbitrary shapes arbitrarily arranged on a large variety of substrates. This unlimited freedom of design is a unique feature compared to just 2D techniques, and it thus provides the solution for novel...

Exhibitor: Multiphoton Optics GmbH

Material research using LithoProf3D

The introduction of novel materials into a manufacturing environment often requires special attention. Although many materials are known to be patternable in 2D by conventional methods like UV lithography or replication technologies, their capability of being processed in 3D with highest...

Exhibitor: Multiphoton Optics GmbH

Corrosion-free marking of medical instruments

PHOTON ENERGY is a leading supplier for innovative laser marking solutions. Especially for corrosion-free marking of medical steel PHOTON ENERGY provides new technologies which differ substantially from common laser marking technologies. PHOTON ENERGY's markings are resistant against corrosion...


PicoLAS New Homepage

PicoLAS Product Innovation BFPS-VRHSP 02 After 10 years of steady growth, it was time to give PicoLAS a new look. We are proud to introduce you our new website , which highlights our product portfolio and offers all important technical features. But our work has just begun! In...

Exhibitor: PicoLAS GmbH

PicoLAS Product Innovation BFPS-VRHSP 02

News from the seeding experts! The PicoLAS seed drivers are specially designed to drive laser diodes in seeding applications for fibre-and solid state laser amplifiers. Our new BFPS-VRHSP 02 is the first seed driver available on the market which enables short pulse durations as low as < 500...

Exhibitor: PicoLAS GmbH

Mica Waveplates: Phase Retardation without Problems with True Zero Order Waveplates

You need to control the state of polarization of your light beam? You need to change the direction of polarization of your beam? Or you need to change from linear polarization to circular polarization or vice versa? Or you need to create any other specific state of polarization? If you have to...

Exhibitor: S & R Optic GmbH

Clean Room Class 6

SCHÖLLY MICRO OPTICS GMBH set up a 70 m² clean room in Biebertal. Since September a class 6 clean room is used for assembly of high performance customized modules for different application. Especially for medical and semiconductor application it enables SCHÖLLY to meet the expectation from...


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